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"The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him." Nahum 1:7

  **Construction of our new Home.**
  On Tuesday 25th of September 2012 we were able to transfer funds to India to start construction on our own home!
  It has been a dream for many years to own our own home and, as our current landlady informed us recently that she needs to rent the house to others, it was a blessing that we were in the position to make this dream a reality... not by our might but by the hand of God.

  So how did we get here.
  When I spoke at church after returning from India an orphan named William Clark heard the call of God to help other orphaned children in a far off land. New Home>Bill could not communicate as he would have liked to but his voice was heard loud and clear for, when he passed away, Omie's Home for Children and Beyond Inc was given a financial gift which was earmarked for the purchase or construction of a home. That gift from Bill has given us the opportunity to embark on this newest journey.
  While these funds will pay for construction of the house, a loan has been secured to pay for the land. The rent for our home was $455 per month and the "mortgage" payment will be $555 per month. While this is $100.00 over the current amount we are praying that additional, regular monthly supporters will join us in this effort. We know God will answer our prayers as he has brought us to this point in time.
  Our goal is to raise $1500.00 per month to meet the ever increasing needs of the home. New HomeCurrently we send $900.00 per month to meet the most basic needs, far short of the actual need. There are a few supporters in man gives chicken, eggs and vegetables for Sunday dinner; a lady from the church teaches tailoring; another tutors etc. The local church also takes a rice offering for the home. When the rice can gets full, they donate it to the home.
   Please pray with me that this new home will be a beacon of light to those around them which reflects the light of Jesus.

  **Our new home completed and dedicated.**

  December 2013.
  After a number of delays we are able to see completed the final touches to our new home and a fresh coat of paint.
  During their stay in India, Dot Marketto and her sister, Connie were able to take part in dedicating Omie’s “New” Home for Children.


  We were approached by the landowner for two plots of land connected to our current property and were asked if we would consider purchasing the properties. This was a miracle in itself as there was no other land available close to our home. DedicationThis purchase would enable our compound to expand and be used for future construction of the a facility that would house the church, Bible college and a residence for Rev. Mani.
  We were able to finalize this purchase after fundraising in India and in the US and also with a donation which made the this purchase for future development a reality. Thank God for His provisions. Until construction can begin, we can use the land as a play area as well as a garden for our children and home.

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