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Omie's Home for Children
    Destination India: August 2008 Volume 2, Issue 2       

Dear Friends

As I sit and write this issue of our newsletter I continue to rejoice in the blessings God has bestowed on the children at Omie's Home. Currently all of our children are well and that includes little Naga who fell ill and was in ICU for over two weeks. She was diagnosed with complications from asthma whereby her hands, legs and brain were affected due to lack of oxygen. (You can read more on our blog at or on our website at

As you can see Naga has recovered and is "perfectly alright" according to Mani.Naga This was the direct result of your prayers for "recovery and restoration" for her. Thank you for praying.

The monsoons have also hit Hyderabad and Secunderabad hard this year. I called our dear friend A. K. Solomon and he reported there was no water near his home or at Omie's. Thankfully they are just a little higher on a plateau than the major cities. The rains do cause difficulties however. Health issues are always an issue and typhoid is one of the major concerns right now. Please pray that our children, staff and families remain healthy during this time of year.

August 15th is also Independence Day in India and our children celebrated with songs and dancing. Celebrating IndiaThey had a great time.

We are still working on the tax exempt status for Omie's Home. Our goal is to have all the necessary documentation completed by the end of the year. Please pray with us that our decisions will be made under the direction of the Lord and that all forms and requirements will be met.

Inflation in India is over 12%. Cost of rice and other food staples has greatly increased. The dollar is not as strong as it has been in the past and I recently read an article on the BBC where Indian officials were telling people "to eat rats" in order to supplement their diet. ( BBC August 13, 2008). While most urban areas do not consider this acceptable, some in the rural areas do and it is listed as "patal-bagen" on the menu. Prayerfully our children will not have to resort to this practice.

This brings me to the latest financial information. As friends of Omie's Home I know you need to hear how we are doing financially.

The cost of Naga's hospital bills and related medicines and treatment totaled $710. Thank you to those who helped provide for this need. We still are $375 short. Because some helped with the medical emergency I was only able to send $260 to cover the monthly expenses for the home. The current rent is $150 and electric and gas average $50 per month. As you can see we have had a shortage and therefore salaries and food suffered.

I feel that the only way we can help the home is to make the needs known to those who have an interest and who have been so faithful in the past. We currently have seven regular sponsors of the home who give lovingly on a monthly basis. We also have two who give annually which pays for the education and school needs…tuition, supplies, uniforms, shoes etc. and there are a few who answer the emergency needs at great sacrifice. For all of you I am extremely grateful

ACME Market of Vineland, NJ has helped sponsor projects at the home through Destination India and they plan to do so again this year. Until we are granted non-profit status we cannot solicit new contributors who need tax receipts. Most of you have donated during our time of non-exempt status (June 1, 2008 to the present) expressing your desire to give without a receipt. I thank you for this as well.

For those of you who have asked aboutRani providing surgery for 13 year old Rani who suffered severe burns to her leg and foot when she was a small child we learned that the surgery, therapy and medicine will cost approximately $3000. We will keep you up-dated on this issue. She is having problems walking.Injury to Rani's foot Prayerfully we will be able to help in this area in the near future.

On October 31, 2008 a small team will once again travel to India. While we have no major projects planned, we do plan to hold one big birthday party at the home for all the children. We will also be working with a local church which has expressed interest in doing out-reach to the home. Our goal is to enlist local Christians to help with our home and to encourage local businesses to donate as well. Last year we introduced rooftop gardening and we plan to do this again. We will return home November 14, 2008.

We are keeping this team limited in order to keep costs of transportation, food and lodging to a minimum. We would like two men to join our team. This would be advantageous for ministry and for security reasons. If you are interested, contact me immediately at and put India trip in the subject.
Rajkumar, (Dot Marketto)
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