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Omie's Home for Children
    Destination India: December 2007 Volume 1, Issue 2       

Dear Friends

Where do I start? Many of you are aware that I was unable to go to India with the team due to illness. While my heart was broken initially, He provided His grace and mercy, and while I was physically unable to lead the team in person, I walked with them spiritually the entire time.

Upon arrival, a tired and weary group of nine stepped into the night air and met our beloved family members and friends, Rev. Mani and wife Rani Nadava and A. K. Solomon and his son Japheth. What a wonderful reunion it was for those returning members of the team and an exciting introduction for the new ones. It didn't take long to get settled at the Yatri Nivas, their home away from home.

This mission was three-fold: To deepen Godly relationships with the children at Omie's Home; to minister to the children at the Bible Club in Balarum; and to provide blankets and medical supplies for 100 lepers in Baptal, a city 6 to 7 hours by train from Secunderabad.

There are now 33 children at Omie's Home. Ten children from last year were reunited with their extended relatives Two new facesand 15 new children were added. Two more, a brother and sister joined our family shortly after the team arrived back in the US.

What a blessing it was to get reacquainted with familiar faces and to get to know some new ones. Thanks to Tom, the older boys learned to plant vegetables in containers on the roof. The fruits of their labor were recently harvested. They now have fresh vegetables and spices for daily use. This will be a great addition to their diet of rice and buttermilk. Our goal is to have fresh fruit added to this diet as well.

Just before the team left in November the home was given notice that they would have to relocate. Thank you for praying…the landlord reconsidered and extended the lease for another year.Rooftop garden He did however increase the rent from $87 to $150 per month. Mani is searching for a new place that will accommodate the children and prayerfully will have land for a garden.

The train trek to Baptal was an adventure and meeting with the "untouchables" was a blessing beyond expectations. Thanks to everyone who helped supply warm blankets to 100 precious people who greatly appreciated the gift of love. A meal was also provided which touched hearts of both the team and the men and women served. God is so good in providing our needs.

The team was treated to a swim at the Bay of Bengal, a short distance away. They interacted with the fishermen and their families. Some of our children at Omie's Home survived the tsunami of 2004. It was then time to prepare for the night train home.

The children at the Bible Club were overjoyed at receiving beanie babies and pencils. They sang songs and danced. Our gift to them was schoolbags which were delivered for Christmas by Solomon and his team. Bible ClubThese children live in the slum and have very little. Their parents are day labors and if they do not work one day, they do not eat. They are open to the Gospel of Jesus and are glad their children have a safe place to learn and play.

The team also visited the Alpha and Omega School, a school started by Mani and Rani in 1998 to teach slum children where no school existed. There are over 300 children attending. They have Hindu, Muslim and Christian students. Our team taught songs and they had a great time talking with the children and staff.

When one of our team members fell ill in the middle of the night, our team pulled together and she had an interesting time at the local ER. God was so good in teaching us all to rely on Him in all things. Rose is fine and looking back on the event and a true adventure.

If you would like to become a regular sponsor, please contact:
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"For from the rising of the sun, even to the setting, My name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense is going to be offered to My name, and a grain offering that is pure, for My name will be great among the nations," says the Lord of hosts.
Malachi 1:11


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