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Omie's Home for Children
    Destination India: January 2014 Volume 8, Issue 1       

Dear Friends of Omie’s Home,
What a joy it is once again to send greetings from Omie’s Home for Children and Beyond Inc…It has been a year of wonderful happenings and I pray the coming year will also bring joy, laughter and love to families and friends who care for this ministry.Connie&Dot
Connie and I arrived home safely after a wonderful trip to see our children and to celebrate the dedication of our new home. What an adventure it was since Connie had never been out of the country before…She sure was tested by traffic, cows, and all that makes India, India. She was such a blessing and what a bold warrior for the Lord.

When we first saw the new house it was such a surprise. The walls, floors, outside…all were still unfinished. Mani was sure it would be finished for our dedication, scheduled for Dec 1st. New HomeThe workers and volunteers labored day and night to get things ready. When I went to church on Nov 24th it was amazing to see the “sanctuary” area completed…yes, with some purple paint.

When we arrived a week later it was amazing to see everything painted and ready for dedication. There was still much to do before they could move in but they worked hard to get things presentable for the special day…Thank you goes out to all who have worked so hard.

mosquito netsWe traveled to Karunapuram with Rev. Mani and Dr. Prem Raj Varma. Karunapuram is a leper colony near the city of Warangal, a three hour drive from Hyderabad. We met such gracious people there. We distributed mosquito nets, lotions, crocheted scarves mosquito nets(thanks to Kim Sottile who has started to make more for next year already) along with toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by Dr. Jose Cumba and staff. We were able to provide a community meal and had lunch with the families before returning to Hyderabad.

Once again we had the opportunity to see Pastor Jacob, Swapna and their two little boys, Sharon Raj and Daniel Raj. Jacob delivered a beautiful devotional on the love of a mother toward her child and how God’s love for us is deep like that. He is such an anointed servant of the Lord.

We also visited the Juvenile Home for Girls, Kachiguda in the center of Hyderabad. The ages of the girls were 6 to 17. Most had run away from home due to unfortunate circumstances and they lived on the streets until they became involved with the local police. Please pray for these girls as life is not easy for them. We were able to take some snacks for them but were limited in contact with them. They were so precious and need the love of Jesus. We also gave funds so they could have ice cream for Christmas. No pictures were allowed.

prison tvWe found ourselves on the road once again to the men’s prison, Sangareddy District Jail but due to circumstances beyond our control were not able to minister there as scheduled. Upon arrival there were prison officials overseeing transfers with the inmate population. We also had an issue with IST (India Stretchable Time)…being late for our appointment. We were able to purchase a small TV for one of the cell blocks that did not have one.

It is always a special time for us to take our children out for a time of shopping. boys shoppingThis year we let the girls pick their own dress for our house dedication and the boys did the same with shirts and pants. They had such a good time and so did we. They also enjoyed a special dinner at McDonald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut, their choice.

We were able to furnish the new house with new mattresses, sheets, kitchen supplies, a washing machine, TV and DVD player. kitchen suppliesThe David C. Cook Foundation donated a large water purifier and sports equipment to the home. Thank you all for helping make these things possible through your giving.

Each year we have the privilege of interacting and teaching at the Shekinah Glory Bible College. There are currently 18 students enrolled and we were able to also give them small gifts. Thanks goes out to my nephew Aaron who donated some cologne samples. The men’s fragrances were a big hit and we also were able to give perfumed lotions to the ladies who were attending as well.

When we were at the leper colony we learned that there are no toilet facilities for the hundred families who reside there…this includes men, women and children. leper colonyWe embarked on a project to build toilet facilities at $250 each through our “beyond” outreach and when two people learned of this need upon our arrival home, we were given donations to complete four toilets…these will serve four families each. What a blessing it will be for the women who run the risk of rape (after dark) who currently must leave their home and walk more than a mile to use the facilities in the nearby town.

At present there are 31 children who call Omie’s Home their home. Several of our children have been with us for many years and it wonderful to see them growing up and learning skills that will last a life time. boysPrem (in center) is studying to be an electrician for example. He passed a special exam while we were there that involved turning on a street lamp…what an accomplishment.
All are children have special interests and you have made a difference in helping them attend school and junior college.

There is still so much to be done for those we met during this trip and for the home. As you can imagine, inflation and interest rates have skyrocketed in India. Rice, onions, vegetables, oil, grain, fruit and milk are at premium prices. It is not too late to be a part of this ministry. Each month we need $1600.00 to insure all our costs for food, salaries, transportation and now a mortgage are met.

As you can see, our “beyond” piece has also increased. While we provide for Jacob C monthly as part of our outreach, we do special projects like the TV for the prison, ice cream for the juveniles who are incarcerated and toilet facilities for the leper colony. These are all places where the Gospel is taken on a regular basis.
Won’t you join us and reach out to the poorest of the poor in places where most of you will never get to travel too?
We also invite you to pray about joining our team in November 2014 for a life changing and unforgettable experience.

Thank you for supporting this vital ministry and God bless you all in 2014.

Under His Wings,
Rajkumar (Dot Marketto.)
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