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Omie's Home for Children
    Destination India: July 2013 Volume 7, Issue 2       

Dear Friends of Omie’s Home,
I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying time with your family and friends. While our children are on summer vacation here in the US, the children at Omie’s Home returned to school on June 12, 2013. So much is happening through this ministry that I delayed our usual newsletter in hopes of getting new pictures…as would be the case, I will include what I have and rejoice in what has been accomplished and what is yet to come.

New HomeOur house is nearing completion. What a labor of love this construction has been. Of course there have been some challenges, one being water, which will remain until the monsoons are finished. We cannot dig our well until there is adequate groundwater. New Home

Please pray with me that the monsoons will restore the groundwater and our well can be completed. This is a problem for those living in the entire area not just for our home.

Last year we reported that our daughter Ashwani entered nursing school and it is with great joy I report she has graduated, passed her exams with the state and is now employed at a local hospital. Praise the Lord for this accomplishment because this life skill will give her a future and security. She also will remain close enough for Mani and Rani to keep in contact with her.

Each year we supply funds to the home to educate our children. Our Taste of India concert helps cover tuition, books, supplies, fees, uniforms, shoes and other costs.School books We now have three young people in junior college…Prem is studying to be an electrician; Ashok and Rugitha are studying CEC, civics, economics and commerce for degrees in business.

It costs a little over $300.00 for a year at junior college. Thank you for helping our students to excel and fulfill their dreams. Once again we must thank Mile 2 for their support in helping us each year as they donate their time in giving us an amazing concert of praise and worship. If you have not joined us for Taste of India, plan now for next year. Thank you also goes out to Cumberland County Community Church for being our host each year.

As you know the “Beyond” piece of our ministry has a lot to do with Pastor Jacob C and his congregation. One lady, Ruth recently lost her home to arson as she is a believer and the perpetrator is not. New HomeWe were able to send funds to help rebuild her home. What a blessing it is to know that her life has been touched by those who gave for this worthwhile outreach.

At our concert in May we introduced Child Sponsorship as an option for monthly donations. It costs $25 per month to sponsor a child. For more information contact us and an information packet will be sent to you.

Recently as I was reviewing information on our children I realized they are growing up! The happy coupleOne daughter, Rani, recently was married and Mani sent pictures of the wedding. Mani reported that her husband is “a good man” and we hope to see them during our upcoming visit.
Wedding group

Destination India 2013 will take place November 17 to December 3, 2013. I am thrilled that my sister Connie will be traveling with me. This is her first trip to India. Please pray for us as we prepare, travel and minister to our children and others during this mission.
We look forward to “loving on our children”; dedicating our new home with a celebration of Thanksgiving with our current children and reuniting with some of our older children (now young adults) who have left the home for employment, marriage etc.; developing life long relationships; ministering at a leper colony and a prison; teaching at the Shekinah Glory Bible College and so much more. There is still time if you would like to join us on this life changing journey. Contact me immediately if you are interested.

As you can imagine, it costs each participant $3000.00 to provide for airfare, hotel, food, transportation and projects. If you would like to help meet any of these needs, donations can be sent to Omie’s Home for Children and Beyond Inc, 580 Mayfair St. Vineland, NJ 08360 with Destination India 2013 in the memo and a note indicating what need you would like to donate toward such as the Thanksgiving celebration, lepers (blankets, care kits), water, food, prison outreach etc.

Our new home will also include a small library area. We would like to carry in books for our children ranging in age from five to older teens. Our children are studying English in school and this will give them the opportunity to read for pleasure. If you would like to donate books send them to our Omie’s Home address noted above or give them to any of our board members

Thank you for supporting this vital ministry and God bless you all in 2013.

Under His Wings,
Rajkumar (Dot Marketto.)
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