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"The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him." Nahum 1:7

      Holy Spirit Worship Ministries

  Holy Spirit Worship Ministries is a small church plant in a city in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh, India.
  The city is one of the most important pilgrimage centers for Hindus in India. The famous temples there draw millions of pilgrims every year.Jacob and Swapna
  The Ministry is the vision of Jacob and his wife, Swapna. As well as reaching out to preach the Gospel to the people in the local community, Jacobís heart is also towards the poor, older women and widows of the community, many of whom donít have families to support them.
  Jacob himself lost his parents at an early age and was cared for by his grandmother so he understands how difficult it is for these women to survive on their own in a small community.
  As the church has grown, they now minister to up to 23 older, poor women. This is a small church with small resources but as they support these women through prayer they also provide food, monthly, and, last Christmas, provided them all with new saris.      Click here to see more images from Holy Spirit Worship Ministries.
  Working alongside Jacob in the Ministry is Bro. Praveen.
  A message From Jacob.
In 2014 I prayed and fasted. We started a new church in a town called Aria. For the past 3 years each Sunday we have worshiped the Lord on the rooftop of the house I rent.
   We have had a problem with anti-Christians and Hindus so my wife and I asked the owner of our house if we could build a temporary shelter on the rooftop. rooftop churchWe are thankful to the Lord that he did give us permission and within 3 days we had completed the shelter. Thanks to the Holy Spirit for a miracle. All glory to Jesus. This we have named Holy Spirit Worship Church.
  Our hearts desire is for a permanent place of worship so we are praying for the land to build our own church as a beacon of light in the darkness. As I continue to pray and fast towards this end please join me in praying for the Lords leading and provision.
  I want to thank all those who have supported us in prayer and giving over the past years.

  As we ask you to consider supporting Jacobís ministry through Omieís Home for Children and Beyond please keep them in your prayers.

      How to pray;

For the provision of their own land to build a new church.
For their protection as they minister in an area that can be hostile to the Gospel.
That the hearts of the people in the local community would be open to the Gospel.
That they would have the resources to meet the needs of the local widows.
For each of the members in the church that they would grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord.
For Jacob, Swapna, and Praveen that they would know the direction the Lord is leading them in.
And remember to pray for sons Sharon Raj and Daniel Raj.

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