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"The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him." Nahum 1:7

  Concert for Omie's Home.
  Each year we hold a "Concert and Taste of India" in order to raise funds for our educational needs. In India education is not free and we need to cover the educational costs of tuition, books, supplies and transportation for our children in kindergarten through the 10th grade. Mile 2 BandAfter the "10th class" our older children can enroll in junior college, trade school or seek apprenticeships.
Now that our children are getting older, we have to make sure these costs are met. We have had one daughter complete nursing school and now works in a hospital. One of our sons has been awarded an apprenticeship as an electrician. Our goal is to make sure our children have skills to serve them a lifetime.
  Mile 2, (the official band for Omie's Home) donates their time each year. Thank you Mile 2 for all you do in helping us in this effort.

  Our First Concert.
  On May 14, 2011 we were able to hold our Concert and “Taste of India” as advertised and I must thank so many people for making our evening a success. First and foremost I want to thank our Lord for putting all this into place and for supplying all of our needs. Nee Krupa naku chalunu…His grace is sufficient…2Cor. 12:9.
  I want to thank Ryan Wokock and the Mile 2 Band, whose members are Charlie Caldwell, keyboard/vocal; Mike DiBenedetto, guitar/vocal; Joe Ragalbuto, drums; Brian Simione, bass guitar; and Ryan Wokock, lead/electric guitar. Thanks also to our friend Joel Howard who opened our evening, taking us on “a journey” through his music.
Joel Howard  Thank you must also go to Pastor Salvatore Roggio and Lei Marina and the staff at Cumberland County Community Church in Millville, NJ who donated their fabulous facilities and for all their assistance and support weeks prior to our event. The lighting and sound crew did a great job…we even had smoke! Farrah Sotrah, thank you for the wonderful food which made our “Taste of India” so special. You are a dear friend. Thank you ACME of Vineland for the cake.
Ryan Wocock
  Our evening would not have been complete without the help of our board members Tom Pagels, Rosemary Sottile, Mick Sanderson and Ruth Thompson. Thanks Rich and Alex W. and Kim Z. for your help.
  The purpose of the evening was to raise awareness of the needs in our home and to acquaint everyone with the “beyond” piece of our ministry and also to invite new sponsors to our support team. We needed to raise funds for the up-coming school year which starts in June. We raised $2198.11 toward the $3200.00 needed and thanks to the annual gift of the First Baptist Church in New Lebanon, Ohio of $1000.00 and a few who gave this past week, we surpassed our goal and can meet the educational needs of our children. I received a call from Mani reporting that Ashwini, one of our girls graduated and prayerfully we can send her to university. Praise the Lord…Nee Krupa naku chalunu!Dot Marketto
  I want to thank those who attended and those who contributed to our cause. We cannot do much for the millions of orphaned children in India but we can help our 32 children and some “cousins” by sharing what the Lord has given us and entrusted to us. God bless all of you.

  Under His Wings, Dot Marketto,
  a.k.a. Akka Rajkumari

  Follow this link to You Tube to see video of some of the songs from the concert.

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