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"The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him." Nahum 1:7

  All about Omie's Home.   Our purpose is to enrich the lives of the children at Omie's Home by providing financial assistance for their basic daily needs and to build relationships that prayerfully will last a lifetime. We realize we cannot help all the hundreds of thousands of children in India, but we can show Jesus through our love, compassion, and friendship to the 37 children who currently live in the home. We can be a positive witness to the neighborhood and to the extended families directly associated with the home.

   Sponsorship. Just as the needs in our own homes increase, so do the needs of Omie's Home. We want to thank those who give sacrificially each month to provide funds for food, clothing, salaries, a mortgage and utilities...but the funds given often fall short of what is needed.
  If you would like to become a sponsor of the home, contact us via e-mail or in person...see Contact Us for details. The smallest monthly donation given regularly is a great benefit to the home. In 2015 we were inspected by the government and had to separate our boys ten years and older, thus requiring us to rent a separate house for them. This has caused our needs to increase by $200.00 per month. While we must pay rent and utilities, the boys can eat meals and socialize and the main facility. Won't you consider becoming a regular monthly donor to provide for our children and homes.
  In cases of emergency, we have reached out to our friends and family for assistance. We have set up a line item to take care of immediate medical care for our children under the Josephine Cramer Emergency Medical Fund. While our children generally have remained healthy there are times when they need vaccinations, emergency medical care or hospitalization etc Donations can be designated for regular needs or medical needs.

   Our long term goals are to be able to purchase an adequate plot of land whereby a facility designed for the children and their needs could be built. Land costs are approximately $6000 per acre. There is also the need for a plot of land for farming purposes. Right now, the home is located in an enclave where there is no yard or place for even the smallest garden. The children play on the rooftop. The home is actually a small house which was reluctantly rented to Rev. Mani. Few landlords want to rent to that many children.

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