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"The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him."  Nahum 1:7

  Welcome to Omie's Home for Children website.
  Omie's Home for Children, situated in Secunderabad in India, is home to over 30 children in need of God's love and care.Some of our children
  On the following pages you will find information about the home and the children. Our hope is that the information will encourage you to connect with the home and lead you to support us through giving or prayer or even both.

  ** The Josephine Cramer Emergency Medical Fund. **
  To learn more about this Medical Fund for the children of Omie’s Home follow this link to the Special News page.

  **New address for Omie's Home in USA**
  For those of you who wish to contact Omie's Home or send support by snail Mail please be aware that we have a new street address.
   1169 Sharp Rd., #16, Vineland NJ 08360.
   For all our contact information visit the Contact page.

  **Building our own home.**
  In 2012 we were able to realize one of our long-term goals set early in the ministry. New HomeWe were able to purchase a plot of land and build our own home for our children and staff.
  What a blessing it was to dedicate this new home in 2013. Our children were able to move or "shift" as they would say, in January 2014. Our home houses not only our children but The Word of Hope church and The Shekinah Glory Bible College.
  Read more about our journey to owning our own home.

  **Giving Online**
  We now have a safe and secure way to donate to Omies Home online. By clicking on the Donate button you will be linked to our PayPal account where you will be able use your credit or debit card.
  For more information on giving and to see how your gift helps the Home, go to our How to Help page.

  **Invite a Speaker**
  If you would like to invite a speaker to your church or group or would like a copy of our latest DVD or PowerPoint to share with your group please contact us for more information.

  **Remembering Mummy Oma**

  **Holy Spirit Worship Ministries**   Beyond Omie's Home.

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